“ABRADI-SC (Brazilian Association of Digital Agents – Santa Catarina Regional) has been partnering with iGO since its inception. As a class entity, whose resources come from our associates, we always seek quality services that include a better cost benefit. With the ideology of a lean management structure, we seek in iGO and in the financial outsourcing service, BPO, a solution to have a quality financial service and within our policy. This choice allowed us to grow organically and transform this model and partnership into a reference, being the same strategy adopted by the national ABRADi. We thank iGO for the partnership and close contact it maintains with the entire ABRADi-SC board of directors ”

Sandro Alencar Fernandes
President | ABRADi-SC


“Our satisfaction with your work is maximum. All the demands that are addressed are met in a very short time, the care with information is great and what I see most of the time that your behavior is as if you were one of us. They are to be congratulated!”

Paulo Henrique Ferreira
President | ABRADi


“We have the same supplier for solutions in controllership and software. FCM Motores has had this partnership sealed for over 5 years with an excellent level of confidence and professionalism. “

Lauro da Silveira Coelho Júnior
Sócio | FCM Motors