When you make use of any of the services of iGO – Gestão Inteligente, you may eventually provide us with some personal data. The same happens when the company you work for hires our services. The processing of this data is essential to enable the very provision of the service expected from our organization.

iGO Gestão Inteligente respects the privacy of all personal data processed and values its security. For this reason, we keep them with all the care necessary for operations both in the digital and physical environment, complying with all the rules imposed by the General Data Protection Law.

In order to provide transparency to the processing of data, we dedicate this document, explaining in a simple and summarized way how personal data is used, processed, by our company. It is important to note that our personal data processing practices may change, always aiming to improve our customers’ experience, as well as data security. For this reason, it is important to review this document whenever you make a new use of our services, or when you deem it convenient to know if there have been any changes to this privacy policy.

In most cases, we will be the operators of your personal data, that is, we will process your personal data in accordance with the guidelines imposed by the company that hired our services. However, even in these cases, we are also responsible for the protection and security of your personal data, in addition to ensuring proper treatment as determined by current legislation.

Except when you contract our services directly, for the provision of a service to you as an individual, in general your personal data comes to us through the company that contracted our services. In most cases, this company will be your employer.

Below we clarify which data are processed and what the treatment is for. But first, allow us to briefly introduce ourselves. iGO emerged from the adaptation of the accounting services model to the speed of information generation for decision making by the entrepreneur, we put together ERP, advisory and accounting software, what we call Intelligent Management. Our company is located at Rua Dona Francisca, 8300 – Bloco L Sala 09 – Zona Industrial Norte, Joinville – SC, CEP 89219-600 and registered with the CNPJ under number 08.651.841/0001-70. Currently, iGO Gestão Inteligente has administrative and financial services (BPO), HR and benefits management, Accounting, issuance of digital certificates, tax advice, among others. The entire team is highly qualified and committed to the quality and reliability of the services provided. The trust placed in our organization by the main companies in the region is a reflection of this. The same commitment that our organization makes in providing its services extends to the protection of personal data processed by us.

  1. What data do we collect about you and for what purpose?
  • In short, we collect and process personal data only necessary to achieve the purpose of providing the contracted service. Let us see below in a summarized way the purposes of the treatments carried out by our organization and which data can be processed for each respective purpose, depending on the service respectively contracted. Your personal data may be processed to:
  • The admission process: full name, telephone, gender, address, date of birth, city of birth, marital status, Spouse’s name, spouse’s CPF, affiliation, dependents, RG, CPF, voter registration, CTPS, PIS, certificate Military, Driver’s License, date of admission, salary, function/position, if you receive transportation, food or meal vouchers, working hours, if it is your first job, if you pay union dues, if you receive unemployment insurance, bank details;
  • The elaboration of the employment contract: full name, CPF, CTPS number, Address, PIS, Marital Status, Nationality, Position, Salary, Date of Admission, Hours;
  • The inclusion and management of a health or dental plan: name, address, CPF, RG, date of birth, PIS, SUS number, telephone;
  • Inclusion in Life insurance, which sometimes takes place by force of law: full name, date of birth, CPF;
  • The inclusion and management of purchase agreements with third-party companies, including pharmacy, food, meal, among others: full name, CPF, registration, maximum purchase value, purchase value, products purchased;
  • The management of the transport voucher provided to the employee: name, CPF, date of birth, mother’s name, address, routes used with the card;
  • Provide salary discount related to private pension: full name, CPF, date of admission, salary, adhesion to the plan;
  • Comply with legal obligation regarding admission, dismissal, periodical exams, PCMSO, PPRA, LTCAT reports and the like: full name, position, sector, CPF, PIS, RG, admission date, CTPS, exams eventually performed;
  • Assist in the Income Tax declaration: name of the dependent, family relationship, date of birth, CPF of the dependent, list of assets, rights and other entries;
  • Timecard management and working hours: name, PIS, admission date, CTPS number, position, sector, working hours;
  • Assist the company in complying with the law with regard to the employee’s sick leave allowance: medical certificate, full name, eventual pathology, professional who provided care, time of leave;
  • Assist the company in complying with the law regarding the management of employee vacations and entitlement periods: full name, registration, entitlement period, vacation balance, payments, vacation periods;
  • Assist the company in formalizing any warning to the employee: full name, reason for warning and date;
  • Provide secure access control to the condominium where the company is headquartered, security to the owners themselves and to third parties who frequent the condominium: full name, badge number, CPF, date of birth, model and license plate of the vehicle authorized to enter the condominium;
  • Assist the company in the preparation of employee payrolls and/or make the salary payment itself: full name, position, salary, discounts, allowances, allowances, taxes, benefits, address, bank details and amounts receivable;
  • Assist the company in the dismissal of an employee in accordance with the legislation: full name, position, date of admission, PIS, sector, registration, CBO, amounts receivable, amounts deleted, remuneration, address, date of birth, date of notice, date of dismissal, mother’s name, CPF, reason for dismissal, type of contract, whether or not there is alimony;
  • Issuance of an invoice for the provision of services to individuals: full name, address, CPF, telephone number, e-mail;
  • Assist the client in issuing invoices, complying with legislation: full name, CPF and address;
  • Issuance of Digital Certificate: personal document, CNH or RG and CPF, address, photo, fingerprint (biometrics), e-mail, mother’s name, date of birth, sex, hair color, eyes, apparent age and other physical characteristics;
  • Assist the client in collecting taxes related to brokerage notes: full name, CPF, "papers" bought and/or sold on the stock exchange, address, stock brokerage;
  • Draft articles of association or amendment thereof: (data of partners) full name, CPF, address, marital status, nationality, participation in the company;
  • Assist the client in obtaining a loan: (data of the partners) full name, CPF, address, marriage/birth certificate, income tax declaration, loan amount, type of guarantee and the like;
  • Assist the client in the formalization of his MEI registration: full name, RG, CPF, CNH, proof of residence, e-mail, voter registration, passwords to access Gov.br;
  • Assist the client in controlling accounts payable and/or accounts receivable: full name and CPF;
  • Obtaining and managing bank payment reports: full name;
  • Preparation of balance sheets: full name of customer or supplier and amounts received or paid, name, CPF, amounts received, bank details, position, salary, of the contractor’s employees;
  • Prepare tax returns required by law, such as PDG – Dimob, DECORE and other statements for municipal, state and federal tax authorities: full name, CPF, profit distribution values, pro-labore, income, among others required by the tax authorities;

Data is collected at different times and for the different purposes mentioned above. iGO Gestão Inteligente only processes your data if it is really necessary for the provision of the contracted service or for the fulfillment of any legal obligation, whether of the company itself or of third parties.

  1. How do we collect your data?

The ways in which we access your personal data are: access to the ERP system or other customer management system; sending by e-mail, whatsapp or telephone by the client or by the contracting company; delivery of physical documents in person; when necessary; filling in the respective forms; admission form; in the admission or dismissal process; access to reports and spreadsheets provided by customers; access to benefit and agreement systems/portals; access to banking institutions’ systems;

As for the biometrics collected when the Digital Certificate is issued, it is collected when the holder places his finger on the optical reader for biometric reading, approved in accordance with Provisional Measure 2,200-2/2001.

In cases of renewal by videoconference, the certifier requires the recording of an image between the agent and the client where the personal data and the presentation of documents are informed, in this process the agent follows a script sent by ICP Brasil Certifier according to the model below:

  1. Legal basis for treatment

All processing of personal data carried out by iGO Gestão Inteligente is carried out in accordance with the rules and principles established in the General Data Protection Act. Any and all personal data is only processed by us when supported by at least one of the legal bases provided for in the LGPD.

The legal bases that support the processing of your personal data with iGO Gestão Inteligente are: the consent of the holder; the execution of the contract or performance of preliminary acts to the contract for the holder or third party (such as his employer, for example); compliance with legal obligations of the holder or third parties; the exercise of rights in any legal or administrative proceeding in favor of iGO or its client; the protection of the life and physical safety of the holder and third parties; the legitimate interest.

Each personal data processed has its own legal basis(s), among those mentioned above, and you will be able to certify each one of them through the communication channels mentioned below.

It is valid to register that you can revoke consent to the processing of personal data at any time. Whenever consent is the only legal basis for the processing of any of your personal data, its revocation will oblige us to delete the respective data. We also emphasize that the revocation of consent for the processing of data may imply the impossibility of providing some services that depend on that information. Such consequences will be informed at the time of any revocation.

Data processed on the basis of other legal hypotheses will be kept in our databases, or will be accessed for as long as necessary to fulfill its purpose.

  1. With whom your data is shared

In order to carry out the aforementioned activities, it is eventually necessary for us to share your data with partners of our company, service providers or also state and regulatory bodies.

All service providers that have access to your data do so solely and exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the service provision contract.

These are activities that eventually require the sharing of your information: the transmission of statements and other documents to the tax authorities or regulatory body; the ‘cloud’ storage of data; benefit management; personal and property security; management and execution of payments; data management through ERP; the transport of physical documents through a delivery company; the exchange of information by electronic means, such as by e-mail or whatsapp.

In the event that any governmental, police or judicial authority requests your data stored with us, we will need to deliver them to the requesting authority, thus complying with the legal or regulatory obligation, under the terms of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law).

  1. Where your data is stored

Your digitally collected data are stored on servers, data centers, located in Brazil, both local servers and “cloud” servers. There is no transfer of your data abroad.

When your data is stored on a cloud server, “cloud”, partner companies are used to operationalize the treatment, such as e-Kanban, Questor and Google, however, even in these cases, control and responsibility over the data remain of IGO together with the company that eventually hired us to process your data.

With regard to the biometric data collected for the issuance of a Digital Certificate, such data are not stored by our company. We only participate in the collection process and the transmission of data to the certifier is immediate. Storage is carried out by the certifying company in accordance with current legislation.

Physical documents are stored in their own folders inside cabinets located in an appropriate and protected file room.

  1. Security of your data

Several security measures are adopted so that your data is stored securely, complying with all legal measures imposed by the General Data Protection Law. The security measures aim, among others, to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, loss, alteration, or any form of inappropriate or unlawful treatment of your data that is with us.

We emphasize, however, that unfortunately no digital platform is absolutely safe. The search for greater security is something continuous in our organization, but no security technology available on the market is infallible, this is a fact. Therefore, if you are concerned about the security of your data, feel free to contact us through our DPO so that we can assist you.

  1. Usage and cookies

When you enter our site for the first time, you will be asked to agree to the processing of your browsing data or cookies by our company. If you consent to the use of your cookies, they will serve to assist in the diagnosis and solution of any technical problems of the website or navigation, as well as to develop new improvements that increase the quality of your experience on our platforms. Monitoring technologies are also used for statistical purposes, without individualizing the user. Under no circumstances will malicious cookies be used, nor will your cookie information be provided to third parties under any pretext. If you do not have your consent, your cookies will not be used, however, you are aware that browsing our website will not take advantage of all its features.

  1. Your rights as the holder of personal data

Although we have access to some of your personal data, the ‘owner’ of the data remains you. Therefore, some rights are guaranteed to you before our company, they are: confirmation whether or not your personal data is being processed by our company; check, access your personal data held by our company; the correction of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete personal data; the elimination of personal data processed on the basis of consent, with its revocation, or those that may be unnecessary to achieve the purposes of the respective treatments; have information on which companies or institutions we share your data with for the performance of our services; the security of your data.

  1. About retention and deletion of your personal data

Your personal data stored with us will be kept indefinitely. As for the data stored with our customers and to which we only have access, access will be made only as long as the service is provided. There are cases in which we may keep your data, regardless of your consent for the period necessary to comply with legal obligations, or protect the rights of iGO and/or the respective client controlling that data, in which case they will not be in use, but only stored for the eventual need to fulfill some obligation. In any case, they will be protected and will be treated in accordance with the GDPR.

If there is a request for data deletion, our company will delete all your data from all our databases, except for those essential to comply with a legal obligation or a regulatory body, for the protection of the rights of our company, or of the controller, in possible legal or administrative demand, or even anonymously, for statistical analysis purposes.

  1. DPO

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, how we handle your personal data or would you like to exercise any of your rights under the LGPD, please contact our Personal Data Processing Officer/DPO, via email lgpd@igo.srv.br.