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The purpose is to transform data into information to help the MEDIUM and LARGE COMPANY entrepreneurs in their decision making.


Financial BPO 4.0

ERP Parameterization to Implement Accounts Payable – Receivable – Receipt of Invoices and Invoicing


HR and Benefits

Register or Exclude Employees in Benefits – Admit and/or Dismiss Employees. Search for the best options (Health, Meal and Transport, Insurance and Dental)



Monthly meetings to present key performance indicators. Dashboard and Performance Indicators – Submission of the DRE and Monthly Balance Sheet in Portuguese and English – Closing of the DRE and Balance Sheet in English


Digital Certificate

The purpose of the digital certificate is to reduce the bureaucracy of the procedures of the acts taken to the Mercantile Registry and to speed up the processing of documents within the scope of the Board of Trade. All Acts are processed in 100% Digital, paperless format.


Opening a Company

We make a complex process simpler and more practical for the entrepreneur, increasing the chances of success by doing the process correctly from the beginning.



Performs quotations and sends purchase requisitions – Compares the best quotation – Follows up on delivery times – Enters products from abroad


Permanent Assets

Enter invoices – Identify the asset with the standard label – Perform asset control when writing off



Identify and schedule fixed and variable costs – direct and indirect – Develop ABC cost curve – Plan best scenario for profit and Contribution margin – Control costs.


Tax Benefits

Analysis and calculation of taxes according to their location, operating segment, gross revenue, payroll.


Sales Price

Form the sale price – Calculate the sale price for other states – Calculate the sale price for sale abroad.