iGO Accounting – Tax Management

Tax area in Brazil is a major challenge due to the numerous changes in legislation. Therefore, from an operational point of view, fiscal and tax accounting plays an essential role. It is part of the client’s team to parameterize the ERP fiscal modules.

The positive consequences of this approach are:

  • avoid tax liabilities;
  • avoid error in the formation of the sale price of the products;
  • allows a increased sales perf ormance;
  • professionals updated in the legislation of your operation.

At iGO you can count on tax support in both Portuguese and English. And most importantly, you have a better decision scenario. Thus, it is possible to reduce or reduce internal pain when it comes to procedures for invoices and taxes.

iGO Accounting – Accounting Management

Accounting changes along with technology and the reflection of this is that we hear the term “Online Accounting” so much. Likewise, iGO has done online accounting since its origins, where accounting takes place in all the company’s operations and must be seen in an integrated manner. The parameterization and definition of the accounting entry is a strategically entrepreneurial definition and goes through the controllership in advance.

The performance of each business depends on numerous factors:

  • Controllership executed in an agile way with attention focused on the balance;
  • Income statement;
  • Cash flow analysis and through indicators with dashboard presentation.
  • This directly helps the entrepreneur to understand the numbers and apply corrections and adjustments to his business.

iGO is a pioneer in accounting service in English in Santa Catarina. In other words, our team is prepared to even report directly to companies abroad with information in English and Portuguese.

HR Management

The Human Resources area, which focuses more on the strategic management of people. However, iGO’s Personnel Department is focused on administrative processes. These processes involve administration, payroll calculation, vacations, layoffs, tax calculation and mainly all the ancillary obligations of the personal area.

For the entrepreneur, it is extremely important to know the real cost of an employee. For example, in some cases, depending on the company’s taxation, the percentage of charges can reach 75% of the salary.

At iGO, we always value the best guidance based on labor legislation. Certainly the worker and the company will be well served, with up-to-date information.