iGO is a pioneer in Santa Catarina when the topic is Administrative and Financial – BPO FINANCIAL 4.0. This BPO is a global trend to transfer administrative areas to third-party companies, so the client is able to focus on its main activity.

The main pains of customers in the financial area are closely linked to cash flow analysis and mainly how to organize these payments and receipts in a way that they can have payments 1x a week.

Keeping Finance up to date is a constant challenge as many decisions are made in light of quick analyses, the customer’s ERP software needs to be always up to date. iGO’s Administrative and Financial – FINANCIAL BPO 4.0 goes beyond the traditional model offered, that is, we can perform the service on any system.

See which routines can be outsourced in iGO Gestão Inteligente’s Financial 4.0 BPO:


A) Financial BPO 4.0 (outsourcing)

  1. AC
  2. AR
  3. Billing
  4. Bank reconciliation
  5. Cash flow
  6. Entry of Invoices and Imports
  7. Closing for Accounting

B) Financial Governance

  1. Financial Team Training
  2. Indicator Management
  3. Dashboard Deployment
  4. Operational Restructuring
  5. Implementation of ERP Software (Financial Module)

Main advantages of implementing Financial BPO

  1. Productivity increase
  2. Considerable cost reduction
  3. Dedicated team
  4. Processes in constant evolution

Stakeholders and their responsibilities

  1. Company: define Manager and Finance Team;
  2. BPO team: outsource agreed processes and generate business insights to the company;
  3. Contracted software: enable access to the cloud;
  4. Bank: provide user creation.

Get in touch, we’d love to tell you in more detail how this can transform your business and, of course, apply to your company.